The Hogs:  In my endeavor to create and enjoy OLD FLA BAR-B-Q at its absolute highest level of quality and goodness, I will use ONLY
 Though considerably more costly than factory farmed hogs, they produce the best Old FLA Bar-B-Q possible.  This also supports sustainable local farming activities and local commerce. 

The Wood:  Black Jack Oak with a little Pecan for good measure; cause it's the wood that makes it good.

The Cooker:   My custom designed Old FLA Bar-B-Q cooker which creates a convective flow of heat and wood smoke to yield BAR-B-Q of unparalleled quality.

The Pitmaster:  Chunky T, a Bar-B-Q lovin guy driven to create the
highest quality Old FLA BAR-B-Q humanly achievable in his quest for BAR-B-Q Nirvana

The Love:  All of the above + a special marinade + a lil' OLD FLA BAR-B-Q RUB + my majestic mop + a perfect wood fire + THE SAUCE = BAR-B-Q Nirvana

The Location:

The Program:  

In response to unyielding popular demand, CHUNKY T's OLD FLA BAR-B-Q SAUCE is now available at my BBQ MARKET, and soon at a fine grocer near you.  If it is not available where you shop, please ask the store manager to stock it.

The BLUES INFUSED Sauce that MAKES SWINE DIVINE is great with any style of barbecue, all grilled fare, and on everything from fries to thighs, but it was specifically created as the last  key component of the succulent and balanced harmony of divine Deep South flavor that is OLD FLA BAR-B-Q.